40 unusual and fascinating cards that could change your view of the world (new photos)

If you’re a visual learner like us, a good image helps you bring data to life. But if you’ve ever discovered a big one, you know it can truly change the way you see the world. And cards have that power. They are a surprisingly effective tool for understanding the world and giving us insight into its secrets. By allowing us to explore new places from the comfort of our own homes, they can even release our inner adventurer who has been cast into winter’s slumber.

Today we invite you on a journey through this informative corner of Reddit where cartography enthusiasts dive into the intriguing treasure trove of territories, statistics and history. With over 1.9 million dedicated members, this online community discovers some of the latest and greatest maps with the aim of expanding our mental horizons.

So let’s appreciate their efforts by scrolling down and devouring us in the new collection of captivating visualizations. Trust us, they won’t look anything like the ones you saw in school! Be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you enjoyed learning new things about places you might not even have known before. For even more information, see bored panda previous posts about this feature here, here and here.

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