Apple Maps now shows Crimea as part of Ukraine

In 2019, Apple made a controversial change to its Maps and Weather apps to show the Crimean peninsula as a region of Russia for those who live there. At the same time, Crimea was presented as an independent region to users from other parts of the world. Now Apple is once again saying that Crimea is part of Ukraine, unless you’re in Russia.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started years ago. In 2014, Russia occupied and annexed the Crimean Peninsula – a move that has never been recognized as legitimate by most nations of the world.

After these events, there was a discussion among tech companies about how to describe Crimea. To comply with Russian law, Apple and Google updated their apps to show Crimea as part of Russia, while the rest of the world saw the territory separated from any country.

However, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in February, caused Apple to reconsider this change. Instead of appearing as an independent territory, Crimea is again shown as part of Ukraine in Apple Maps (as well as the iOS Weather app). Unfortunately, as reported Mashableno changes were made when accessing these services from Russia.

Apple suspends sales in Russia

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed that all sales had been halted in Russia, with the company showing support for Ukraine. Distribution of products to local stores in Russia was also suspended, and Russian state media apps were removed from the App Store in regions outside of Russia.

Following sanctions imposed by the US government and the European Union, Apple Pay has also been suspended in Russia.

Apple says it will “continue to assess the situation” with the help of affected governments to take further action if necessary. Despite recent limitations, Apple services still work in Russia.

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