Battlefield 2042 portal trailer shows new gameplay on classic maps

Battlefield 2042’s Battlefield Portal mode revealed the gameplay of each returning map and detailed how its rules and mechanics work.

A new Battlefield 2042 Battlefield Portal mode trailer features gameplay footage for the return of the cards from Battlefield 3, 1942, and Bad company 2, as well as the ambitious mash-ups that users can create and use. Battlefield 2042 the removal of classes and a few other basic elements of the series has been divisive, the Battlefield Portal mode is a love letter to the history of the series and many settings.

In addition to Battlefield 2042 main modes All-Out Warfare (standard multiplayer) and Hazard Zone (squad-based extraction), the upcoming multiplayer-only FPS game will also include Battlefield Portal. The third mode has a strong emphasis on player customization and nostalgia, as users can set up matches with whatever rules they choose on a variety of classic maps – including series favorites like Caspian Border, Battle of the Bulge and Valparaiso. Anhistoric confrontations like Battlefield 1942 American soldiers of World War II against Battlefield 2042 futuristic specialists can be fought, and weapons, gear, and vehicles from each game will also be present and counted.

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Previously, only a few Battlefield Portal maps from previous games were shown in action, but a new one Battlefield 2042 the trailer includes gameplay footage on Battlefield 3 Caspian border and Noshahr canals, Battlefield 1942 Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Valparaiso and the port of Arica. Each brief gameplay segment shows how the maps have been visually reconstructed in 2042 driving force while underlining the apparent loyalty present in some of their most memorable places.

In addition to the last Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer, the EA The website now gives a full overview of exactly how user customization in Battlefield Portal mode works. Rather than integrating it entirely into the game, the Battlefield Portal Builder app is accessed through a web browser, where players can then combine game modes, map rotations with options for small, medium, and large maps. (the last size is not accessible on PS4 and Xbox One) and a number of modifiers. These modifiers range from changing active UI elements, disabling friendly fire, tuning and tuning the Soldier’s Classic Weapon. Battlefield 2042‘s on and off weather events, and bot AI behaviors can also be changed.

Battlefield Portal is incredibly complex in terms of everything that can be controlled in a Battlefield 2042 experience, and its flexibility and limitations will no doubt be tested by creative users when it becomes available. As a mode, Battlefield Portal contrasts sharply with Battlefield 2042 direction in general, which has so far seemed to be defined by the trends set by other live multiplayer games, as evidenced by its Call of Duty specialists inspired by operators and Escape from Tarkov-like the danger zone.

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Battlefield 2042 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 19, 2021.

Source: Battlefield / YouTube, EA

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