Battlefield 2042 unveils three massive multiplayer maps ahead of launch

EA DICE has released in-depth details of three huge maps coming to the all-multiplayer Battlefield 2042 at launch. While today’s action-packed trailer looks like it’s over in a flash, it gives us a better look at some never-before-seen gameplay highlighting the landmarks and features of each map before the game launches. November 19, 2021.

The three cards shown are named Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded. Each offers very different climates and battle zones, playing in the dynamic weather feature of Battlefield 2042. The maps will be playable in All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone multiplayer modes, as well as accessible through the Battlefield portal creation hub. .

Descriptions of each card, provided by a press release from EA, are as follows:

  • Renewal is an eclectic landscape set in an Egyptian desert with a solar power plant on one side and a lush research center on the other. It features a wall between the two regions with various entry points, including a choke point across Conquest’s oft-contested entry checkpoint in the middle of the map. Players should also prepare for close quarters combat in these areas as well as the two buildings located in Renewal.
  • Break away located in Antarctica, includes an offshore platform off the frozen coast, as well as an Outlook station perched above the battlefield, making it a focal point for air battles. In the glacier’s fractured trails, players battle in and over ice cliffs connected by ziplines and rope bridges, and where swift use of a parachute could mean the difference between life or death .
  • Discarded features a flooded village along the west coast of India, a dismantled hull, and a Colossus ship to explore. This map offers plenty of cover and close quarters combat; The Colossus Ship allows players to fight inside its ship as airships attack from above and tanks strike its hull. With unpredictable weather, players will need to be on their toes as the threat of a tornado could strike the map at any time.

Analysis: Is Battlefield back on track?

While the Battlefield series has generally always been very good, many fans were disappointed with the latest release, Battlefield 5, which arguably swapped the series’ grainy aesthetic for something more generic. The WWII setting seemed a bit over the top, and a bad campaign was barely saved by a multiplayer sequel that felt like it went through the motions.

Battlefield 2042 at least seems unwilling to reproduce these missteps. The series is returning to its modern war heights, and the addition of dynamic (and dire) weather seems to add much-needed unpredictability to large-scale matches. That’s an impression we got from open beta, at least.

The trailer above also showcases the impressive amount of level destruction the series is known for. But this time around, it looks like the weather is causing damage to the environment as well as to the players. In the end, Battlefield 2042 continues to look like good, chaotic fun, and could be the blow in the arm the series needs to maintain its relevance in a genre arguably still dominated by the rival Call of Duty franchise, and not no shortage of popular battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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