Coast Guard saves three boaters threatened by sharks using Apple Maps image

The US Coast Guard rescued three boaters from shark-infested waters off the coast of Louisiana on Sunday using only an Apple Maps screenshot.

While on a fishing trip on Saturday, Luan Nguyen, Phong Le and Son Nguyen ran aground in the Gulf of Mexico when their boat took on water and sank, Luan Nguyen and Le told ‘Today’ on Wednesday. . The three men will spend 28 hours in the water before being rescued by the coast guard on Sunday morning.

“We’ve searched an area roughly the size of Rhode Island and are grateful to have found these missing boaters,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Keefe said in a statement Monday.

A family member of one of the boaters first contacted the Coast Guard on Saturday when the group failed to return from their fishing trip. The three men remained in the water overnight as the Coast Guard searched for them.

“We haven’t spoken,” Le said today. “It was cold. It was very cold. So we were just trying to stay warm, trying to hold each other and stay warm.

Le made a last ditch effort to get help on Sunday morning, swimming several miles to a shrimp boat before it eventually headed off in the opposite direction, he said.

However, upon opening his phone – which was in a waterproof case and still had around 5% battery left – messages started coming in, and Le was able to send a screenshot of his approximate location to Apple. Maps, he told Today.

The Coast Guard used the photo to help locate the three boaters, about 25 miles off the coast of Empire, Louisiana. By the time the Coast Guard found the group, the men were exhausted, sunburned and dehydrated, fending off sharks and giant jellyfish. One of them was showing signs of hypothermia, according to the Coast Guard.

“I just remember him picking me up and pulling me out of the water,” Luan Nguyen said of her rescuer, Coast Guard Seaman Andrew Stone, on Today. “It was like, ‘Wow, we did it.'”

“That’s one of the reasons I joined the Coast Guard,” Stone said of the rescue. “I like this branch because we are able to do things like that. like to be able to see [Nguyen] alive and recovering, that’s great.

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