CoD Mobile Heist Season 1 Patch Notes: New Maps, Weapons, Battle Pass, and More

CoD Mobile Heist Season 1 Patch Notes: New Maps, Weapons, Battle Pass, and More

Call of Duty Mobile 2022 Season 1 is right around the corner and the handheld game will be kicking off another year with brand new features. Here’s everything we know about the next major patch, from new weapons and maps to unique cosmetics. At the start of the new year, CoD Mobile will return to Season 1 after a full year of monthly seasonal improvements. Season 1 seems like the most likely candidate to kick off the 2022 cycle.

New content is on the way, as usual, with the typical mix of weapons, maps, cosmetics, and events set to arrive soon. Before the release of the new patch, here is a brief summary of everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 1 2022, which will soon be available on mobile devices.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 will be released in 2022

Call of Duty Mobile: Heist Season 1 airs Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 4:00 p.m. PT | 7 p.m. ET. Season 11: Final Snow has been in effect for five weeks, which is slightly longer than CoD Mobile’s regular update cycle. Players from all regions will be able to log in and access updated content as soon as the patch is released.

Call of Duty Mobile 2022 Season 1: New Weapons

For CoD Mobile Season 1, two new weapons have been included. The full patch notes revealed exactly what to expect, based on the first features of the Chinese test build. Modern Warfare 2019’s Kilo 141 Assault Rifle is the first. This AR is a rapid-fire rifle with a selectable burst fire mode, continuing the tradition of the new MW weapons in CoD Mobile. With a full range of attachments, he could be a force on any battlefield, according to a first look in the test build.

The PPSh41 SMG, which appears to have been pulled from Black Ops Cold War, is next. This is a common SMG in the Call of Duty franchise, appearing in five separate games. At first, it’s impossible to tell how significant these changes will be. However, if their console and PC prowess is any indication, they could quickly shake up the mobile meta.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022: New Maps

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 is getting two new maps. One is a new remake of a Black Ops 4 classic, while the other is a unique rework of an existing map. In Season 1, Hacienda makes its mobile debut. This popular design debuted in Black Ops 4 and was a popular choice during Competitive Season that year.

Apart from the new map, the next update will also include a facelift. Nuketown Temple, a new variant to commemorate the Lunar New Year, debuts in Season 1.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022: The Heist Battle Pass

CoD Mobile Season 1 has its own limited-time Battle Pass, similar to previous versions. Players have access to all kinds of new content through this month’s collection, which includes hundreds of levels to play through. The new Yuri – Bratok Epic Character skin is the highlight of the new Battle Pass. Skins for Makarov, Iskra and Ajax are included, along with a number of suitable weapon blueprints. Additionally, the Season 1 Battle Pass includes new Scorestreaks, Avatars, Emotes, and Charms.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022: Patch Notes

Below are the full CoD Mobile Season 1 patch notes, based on translations of an early Korean update.


  • New Map – Hacienda
  • New Map – Chinese Nuketown
  • New Tactical Grenade – Storm Ball
    • Creates a spherical barrier at the target location to block enemy gaze.
    • Enemies inside the barrier do not recover HP.
  • New game modes
    • Robbery
    • Search and destruction of payments
      • Pay Research will be included in Ranked Multiplayer for a limited time.
    • Red Envelope Disposal Confirmation
  • Map update
    • Tunisia: Updated the skylight in the Wine Cellar, allowing players to throw various accessories through the skylight.
  • Other updates
  • Added functionality to allow attachments to remain equipped when replacing designs.
  • Optimized the quality of the MVP kill cam.
  • Added a zoom function to the map display when specifying an orbiting laser line.
  • Reduced screen freezes and frame drops when using MQ-27 Dragonfire and Hawk X3.
  • Balanced the amount of experience gained from weapons and account progress in multiplayer.
  • Adjusted M13 acceleration to match weapon run speed.


  • Feature Update
  • Voluntary removal of attachments prevents players from acquiring attachments of the same type or any rank for 30 seconds.
  • Reduced the risk of player experience failure when the network environment is poor.
  • Extended display of advanced attachments for viewers.
  • Optimized environmental sound effects when the player is in a wild environment.
  • Updated text prompt when players exit Battle Royale.
  • Gameplay adjustments
    • Sniper Challenge Mode Setting
      • All pistol weapons except the MW11 will no longer appear in the mod.
      • Updated recommendations for custom sniper rifles and gear.
      • If you don’t have a sniper rifle in your backpack, a designer-recommended custom sniper rifle will be displayed.
  • New features
    • Warfare mode supports spectator mode.
  • Map optimization
    • Adjusted Blackout map structure to optimize gameplay and overall performance.
    • Added snow and ice areas to Blackout.
  • New weapons
    • Kilogram 141
      • One of the fully automatic assault rifles with longer optics to improve the headshot effect.
      • Moderate damage, medium rate of fire and a convertible drum magazine.
    • PPSh-41
      • It is a low precision submachine gun that uses a high capacity drum magazine.
      • Charge the enemy with the advantage of aimless fire!
  • New weapons inspection
    • Exclusive weapon inspection has been added to certain mythic weapons.
  • Optimization of combat performance
    • Mouth smoke effect
      • Added different types of muzzle fire smoke effects, each muzzle prop has its own smoke effect.
      • Added muzzle heat dissipation smoke effect and muzzle heat dissipation smoke appears after more than 10 consecutive shots.
  • Weapon Performance Update
    • Improved weapon handling.
    • Adjusted the grenade throwing behavior model.
    • Improved photorealistic site effects.
    • Optimized gun shake performance when moving non-aim shot and aim shot.


  • Clan Wars Update
    • Adjustment of individual contribution rules
      • In order to increase the weekly Clan Credit reward factor and get character shard rewards, you need to form a team with a clan member in a node competition.
  • Easing of entry restrictions
    • Players who are new to the clan can also participate in this week’s competition.
    • Clans with fewer active players than the corresponding requirement can also join, but will be deducted based on a node score decrease.
    • Recruit more clan members to prevent your clan from being penalized.


  • Multiplayer:
    • QXR
      • Level 3 range damage increase 22-19-16-12 ▶ 22-19-18-12
      • Increased first range 8m ▶ 10m
    • RAM
      • Tactical Reload Time 4 seconds ▶ 3.4 seconds
      • Empty magazine reload time 5 seconds ▶ 4.1 seconds
    • PP19
      • First Range Damage 26 ▶ 28
      • Headshot Damage Rate 1.2 ▶ 1.3
      • Chest damage multiplier 1 ▶ 1.15
    • DR-H
      • Increased range in first section 7m ▶ 9m
      • Increased range in second section 13m ▶ 15m
      • Tactical Reload Time 2.3 seconds ▶ 2.1 seconds
      • Empty magazine reload time 2.8 seconds ▶ 2.5 seconds
    • Sector D13
      • Number of shots 3 ▶ 4
      • Ammo 1 ▶ 2
    • Dot series
      • If you cancel the score streak you need to deploy by tapping the minimap, you will have to wait a while to use the streak bonus again.
      • Reduced XS1 Goliath cooldown time after overheating.
      • Improved Hawk X3 aiming support.
    • Operator skills
      • Increased Purifier fire rate, direct damage, and initial number of bullets.


  • Multiplayer
    • When a solo player faces a queue of 4 people registered as a team, additional ranking points are earned and more information can be found in ranked rewards.
    • The new season reset rules for the top 5000 players have been adjusted, more details can be found in the ranked lobby.
    • Starting this season, the rarity of the top 5000 player calling cards has been adjusted to Legendary.
    • The uneven composition of preformed teams during matchmaking has been mitigated.
    • The probability of match with other teams with the number of players is greatly reduced.
    • The scope of matchmaking at the start of the season will be expanded to address the shortage of top-ranked players.
    • Solo players are paired with players of similar or lower ranks.
    • Team Deathmatch/Forefront Rank bonuses are affected more by relative individual performance than match results.


  • Adjust loading
    • Loadout can be changed while queuing.
  • Adjust the sensitivity setting
    • The gyroscope can be set separately for fire sensitivity and normal state sensitivity.
    • Scope accuracy for the red dot sight and holographic sight can be adjusted separately to improve player operability.
  • Update Jump Control
    • Added advanced control options for jumping and climbing moves in settings.
    • Players will no longer automatically roll and climb when pressing the jump button when selected.
    • A new option allows players to set the jump button to climb by moving the jump button up to avoid accidentally hitting it during combat.
  • Battle royale medicine settings
    • You can disable the recommended medicine setting for Battle Royale HP items, which is enabled by default to prevent item overrides in user hotkeys.

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