CodeSee Launches Enterprise Plan with Service Cards

CodeSee launches CodeSee Enterprise, a SaaS-based code visualization tool that aims to provide web developers with a Google Maps-like view into the code workflow.

The company provided a platform to detect services, visualize their connections to code, and automate repetitive tasks in the code review process, promising better integration, code reviews, compliance, and quality.

Launching on August 31, CodeSee Enterprise offers the following features:

  • Automation capabilities that codify knowledge of codebases are usually passed verbally from developer to developer or kept in documentation. Automations monitor code changes and before those changes are merged, assign the right team to review and alert developers with context-specific warnings, checklists, security rules, or compliance mandates.
  • A way to view services across the organization and the connections between those services, their APIs, and any third-party APIs they integrate with. Each element can be linked to the underlying code. Every connection between services is automatically detected, visualized, and linked to code, allowing developers to confidently make changes between services.
  • An additional suite of governance features for enterprise and enterprise tiers, to enforce org-wide single sign-on (SSO), disable public maps, and only allow users with trusted domains to join.
  • An on-premises option that brings code visibility behind the firewalls of the largest organizations.

CodeSee offers a free trial of its technology through its website. CodeSee Enterprise currently only works with the Microsoft Visual Studio code editor, although there are plans to support additional development environments including Visual Studio and Eclipse. Automations in CodeSee are language independent, while dependency maps only work with JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, Go, and Rust.

CodeSee monitors each user’s repository and uses proprietary static analysis and distributed tracing technology to visualize services and map their connections to code. CodeSee currently works with GitHub repositories. The company plans to support additional code hosting platforms eventually.

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