DICE puts Battlefield 2042 maps on a diet

DICE has come up with its next round of changes to Battlefield 2042 after a period of community feedback, and the large-scale shooter is essentially continuing a crash program of weight loss.

The recent feedback session saw players give their thoughts on the state of Battlefield 2042’s maps, and a blog post from DICE outlines all of the changes it intends to make. First, it’s going to improve map traversal – something players have found extremely time consuming due to the size and layout of some maps and the lack of vehicles.

DICE is essentially looking to reduce the size of two of the most problematic cards, Kaleidoscope and Renewal. Capture points are going to be moved closer together so they aren’t as spread out, and sections of the maps are being reworked to make paths clearer and more convenient to each objective. The example given in the blog post, however, seems to suggest that DICE will do this by completely removing certain areas of Thanos. A before-and-after screenshot shows that most of the buildings in Renewal’s distribution center have been, uh, redistributed…to another domain. It’s unclear if this is a one-off or if DICE plans to be quite liberal with its use of its internal Infinity Gauntlet.

While the cards may seem to be shrinking in size, DICE is also committed to adding, as well as taking away. He says he’ll be adding a lot more cover and line of sight blockers in every map, especially around the new capture points he’ll be creating with all that moving flag.

There will also be changes to vehicle spawn rates. While it’s not possible to add more vehicles into the mix at this time, DICE will be reclassifying some as transports, which should make them more freely available in-game.

As for the attack vehicles, well, they are going to be nerfed. Because 128-player gameplay can get a bit “chaotic around objectives”, DICE will reduce the number of tanks, helicopters and other attack vehicles that can be on the battlefield at the same time by three together. Their recharge time also increases.

You can expect to see these vehicle changes happen in the next update, which is right around the corner. For the more expansive map changes to Kaleidoscope and Renewal, they’ll be coming in Season 1, which is now officially (probably) the most anticipated first season of a game ever.

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