Evers calls for a quick decision on political maps

MADISON, WI (WSAU-WRN) — Governor Tony Evers is asking the state Supreme Court to make a quick decision on political maps recently rejected by the United States Supreme Court.

Evers says he wants the court to let him submit additional evidence to back up the maps or consider changes to certain Milwaukee-area districts, which the U.S. Supreme Court has found violated law on right vote by creating too many black and Hispanic majority districts.

The governor says his maps, drawn with the help of his People’s Map Commission, are consistently better than those drawn by Republican lawmakers. The Wisconsin High Court initially selected Evers’ cards, saying they moved the fewest voters.

The US Supreme Court left Congress’s new map of Wisconsin in place.

UW Madison Law School professor Robert Yoblon told the Wisconsin Radio Network on Wednesday that Wisconsin Supreme Court justices could either schedule a new round of hearings in the case or go back and Properly justify the use of the Voting Rights Act in their previous decision. “For this law to come into force, certain preconditions must be met. What the Supreme Court of the United States said [Wednesday] was that the Wisconsin Supreme Court had not done enough to confirm that it was necessary to enforce the Voting Rights Act.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will need to issue a ruling in time for candidates to begin circulating nomination papers for the August primary election.

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