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LAKE COUNTY >> Redistribution consultants from law firm Prentice Long will present five draft possible boundary alignments during Tuesday’s 6 p.m. public hearing for the Lake County 2021 Oversight District Plan. The hearing will be held in the Board of Supervisors (BOS) chambers at the Lakeport courthouse. Redistribution is carried out during census years in order to obtain a fairly even distribution of the population within each district and to keep the communities of interest intact.

The proposed map options were prepared based on feedback from community members and the BOS after the October 2, 2021 redistribution public hearing, according to a press release. The maps are available on

Option 1 offers:

Relocation of the area bounded by Highway 29, the Nice-Lucerne cutoff and Rodman Slough to North Lakeport from District 3 to District 4, in order to keep all contiguous tribal lands in this area in one district.

Relocated Riviera Heights, West Subdivision to Lakeview Estates Drive, District 4 to District 5 to keep all “Rivieras” in one district.

Moved a small area east of Big Canyon Road to Ettawa Springs Road from District 1 to District 5 to keep Cobb Area Council in one district as much as possible.

Move the “unassigned” block that is currently divided in Clearlake (between Districts 1 and 2) to District 1.

The “unassigned” category takes into account the fact that one of the neighborhoods crosses a census block and that a precise distribution of the inhabitants of the block cannot be determined.

Option 2 offers all of the changes to Option 1 and includes moving an additional block to Clearlake between Lakeshore Drive and Clear Lake from District 2 to District 1.

Option 3 offers all of the changes to Option 1 and includes relocating the area east of Hwy 53 and south of 18th Avenue within the city limits of Clearlake from District 2 to District 1 to help balance the population counts.

Option 4 provides the first three changes from Option 1 and includes moving the census blocks south of Lakeshore Drive in the Town of Clearlake from District 1 to District 2 in order to maintain the central trade corridor along Lakeshore in a single district. Option 5 offers the first and third modification of Option 1, the additional modification of Option 4, and includes the relocation of all areas along Gaddy Lane and Soda Bay Road, north of Kelseyville and east of Kelsey Creek in District 5.

Based on current district boundaries, District 1 (Middletown area) has a population of 13,290; District 2 (Clearlake area) has 14,319; District 3 (Clearlake Oaks) has 13,916; District 4 (Lakeport area) has 13,810; and District 5 (Kelseyville area) has 12,712.

Of the four options, only option 3 shows a population distribution of less than 14,000 in each of the five districts. All other options show District 2 with a population of over 14,000.

Consultants Margaret Long and Carolyn Walker will discuss the pros and cons of each option during the public hearing. A representative from the county’s geographic information systems will also participate in the presentation via Zoom. Interested parties can participate in the hearing in person or through Zoom.

The last of four public redistribution hearings is scheduled for 9 a.m. on November 30, 2021, also in the council chamber.

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