Google Maps gets new Material You stuffed widget on Android 12 – the clare people

Google has released another renewed widget for Android 11, now for Maps. The add-on follows the functionality standards released months ago exclusively for iOS, with quick shortcuts to important app functions and a search bar for faster map queries.

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Did Reddit users find the novelty first, still present exclusively in version 12.3.0 of Google Beta Maps. Judging by the captures, the new widgets are already working fine and are not in a “hole-plugging” state like the first Chrome add-on implementations were months ago.

The new widget for Maps has different sizes to match. adapt to different layouts of the main screen (Image: Play / Mathieu_G_Gagnon)

The main screen element acts as a more versatile shortcut to

Google maps
. In total, it can have up to eight buttons for quick map searches for restaurants, gas stations, markets and hotels, for example – custom locations like ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ are also included. . At the top there is a search bar.

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In the scaled-down version of the add-on, only four buttons are displayed, and it is not known whether they vary depending on user preferences. The search bar remains, so the tool continues as a quick way to access the map and its most important features for everyday use.

The reduced add-on option has fewer buttons, but it’s just as versatile (Image: Reproduction / Mathieu_G_Gagnon) Widget with you

It’s an addition to Android 12, so it’s the Material You design that determines the appearance of the widget. As a result, the corners of the shortcut and buttons are rounded, and the colors vary depending on the predominant wallpaper palette. All in all, the novelty matches the new interface of the operating system very well and finally puts the Android app on par with the iOS version.

The novelty seems to be gradually spreading among the users of the trial version of the app, but since the distribution is still limited to Android 12 users, the availability is even more limited. Nothing prevents Google from launching the add-on for other versions of the Robozinho system, but there are no plans for it yet.

If it hasn’t appeared to you yet, it’s worth checking the Play Store for Google Maps updates. If even with updated downloads the widget is not yet available, we have to wait for the release of Google.

Source: Reddit

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