Google Maps is getting a nearby traffic widget on Android

Google Maps will soon allow you to add a home screen widget for nearby traffic. Launching in the “coming weeks”, the widget will allow you to quickly check traffic information for your current location directly from the home screen of your Android smartphone. You won’t even need to open the app.

Google recently shared a preview of the upcoming Maps widget. It’s a rounded square that displays a map of your nearby location. Your current location is indicated by a blue dot in the center. The widget notes traffic status on all major roads with green, orange and red lines, similar to the full app.

In the lower left corner of this widget is the Google brand while there is a FAB (Floating Action Button) in the other corner. This allows you to zoom in and zoom out on the map. The FAB supports Google’s Material You Dynamic Color theme. So it can automatically adapt the color palette of your device’s wallpaper for a consistent look.

At first glance, the Google Maps home screen widget measures 2 x 2. It’s unclear if the widget will be resizable. The company has yet to provide more information on this, or share the exact release date. He simply said that the widget would be rolling out to Android users in the coming weeks. “If you’re about to leave home, work, school, or anywhere else, you’ll know at a glance exactly what local traffic is like,” Google explains when explaining the Maps widget ( via).

The company already offers a Maps widget to “quickly find nearby places”. It is a resizable widget that was launched a few months ago. It also supports Dynamic Color theme.

Google now offers 35 home screen widgets on Android

With the launch of the new nearby traffic widget for Maps, the total number of official Google widgets on Android will reach 35, the company has revealed. It offers widgets for various apps and services including Maps, Gmail, Photos, Calendar, Weather, to-do-list, Drive, Search, Chrome, Google Translate and many more.

Google’s At a Glance widget on Pixel, meanwhile, recently got some new features. Earlier this week it gained the ability to show your Nest Doorbell’s live feed whenever someone is at the door. You don’t need to open the Google Home app when the doorbell rings. You will be able to check who is at the door directly from the lock screen or the home screen. Tap the widget to show the full view in the app. This feature should be available on all supported Pixel devices within a few days.

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