Hampshire weather: New maps show snow showers set to hit Britain next week

The UK is bracing for snow which is expected to fall next Friday, according to new weather maps.

After storms caused chaos and misery over the weekend, a WXCharts map predicted snow would fall on Friday (February 4) with temperatures dropping to -3C in Scotland.

The Met Office has also said another outburst of strong winds – dubbed Storm Corrie – is expected to hit parts of the UK.

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It is expected to move east across Scotland on Sunday and cross the North Sea in the early hours of Monday.

The Met Office has issued an orange weather warning for the wind in northern Scotland from Sunday to Monday morning.

A nine-year-old boy and a 60-year-old woman were killed by falling trees in high winds caused by storms.

WXCharts predicted snow on Friday (February 4)

Staffordshire Police said a man was hospitalized following the incident which killed the boy.

Police were called to Winnothdale, near Stoke-on-Trent, at 1pm on Saturday to reports that a tree had fallen on a boy and a man, and they were both taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital.

And after Friday’s storms next week, large areas of northern England and a small area of ​​Wales could see snow, WXCharts maps show.

This freezing cold feeling will continue around noon, with freezing temperatures spreading south towards North West England before the mercury rises slightly towards the end of the afternoon.

But that polar freeze could also bring snow, as maps show a high chance of snow across large parts of the UK on Friday morning, Express.co.uk reports.

There is forecast to be a 95% chance of snow across a large area of ​​Scotland around 6am.

But England is unlikely to escape the onslaught, with more than a 70% chance of snow in one region of north-west England, as well as Wales.

Charts show snow could hit the UK next Friday
Charts show snow could hit the UK next Friday

There is also a chance of around 30% of snow covering Midland and South East England.

Brian Gaze of Weather Outlook told Express.co.uk: “Over the next week the high pressure appears to be centered more to the south-west than it has been recently.

“This will lead to more changeable and sometimes windy weather, particularly in the northern half of the UK.

“Pulses of polar maritime air from the northwest could bring brief colder interludes, with showers becoming wintry in the north and over the Welsh mountains.

“However, for snow lovers in the south, the outlook continues to be disappointing in what has been another mild winter so far.”

Southeast Forecast

Although it was sunny in most parts of the region today, tonight it will begin to become cloudy with rain and increasingly strong winds.

Rain and showers will clear to give a rather dry end to the night with minimum temperatures of 2C.

Monday morning, it will be sunny and sunny.

Strong winds will slowly decrease and there may be a chance of showers in the afternoon.

It will cover with scattered light rain possibly after dusk with a maximum temperature of 7C.

Tuesday through Thursday it will remain mostly windy which can get strong at times.

Rain will be likely on Thursday with temperatures near or above normal.

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