Hidden Valley residents sue Charlotte City Council over proposed redistribution maps

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Residents of Hidden Valley have filed a lawsuit against the city of Charlotte. They claim that the proposed redistribution maps are unconstitutional and racial.

“The problem is, it’s not about the redistribution itself. This is the reason why Hidden Valley, ”said Charlene Henderson.

Henderson is a political activist and resident of Hidden Valley. She says she is ready to fight the city’s redistribution plans.

“I’m upset because it’s Hidden Valley. And they’ve been attacking Hidden Valley for years, ”said Henderson, who has run for office in the past.

To even out the population distribution, council needs to adjust the electoral districts following the 2020 census. Several options require moving districts 42 and 82, the Hidden Valley area, from District 4 to District 1.

“Hidden Valley is the most powerful polling station in District 4. And you move them. You move them, ”said Cedric Dean, a Hidden Valley resident.

He has joined the trial and says he is concerned that Hidden Valley, a predominantly black district, could become a majority white district, thereby diluting their vote.

“These cards are unconstitutional. These cards have been gerrymandered. And if you go there and vote for these cards, you’ll find the federal court holds you accountable, ”Dean said.

“I am concerned that we are still not transparent and that we are still not being fair,” said Minister Corine Mack, President of the Charlotte Mecklenburg NAACP.

She fears that politicians are putting themselves ahead of their constituents.

“It’s difficult when you know your hands are tied. And your hands are tied by the very people you took the time to elect, ”Mack said.

According to city data, District 4 has experienced tremendous population growth over the past 10 years and is above the population threshold. While District 1 is below the threshold.

City council is expected to finalize the maps on Tuesday.

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