Hot weather in the UK: new maps show that BLAST last summer will reach in September with highs of 26 ° C | Weather | New

The WXCharts weather model shows somewhat mild temperatures from next week as thunderstorms, rain and strong gales hit much of the UK, particularly in the west and north. But as the Met Office advises, these wetter, more autumnal conditions are only temporary this month. Midway through the month, thermometers will be back on the rise, hitting an impressive 26C across central and even northern England on Wednesday September 14. WXCharts charts are beginning to glow an amber color throughout the day, highlighted around the eastern and southern eastern parts of the country.

The Met Office forecast for the last two weeks of September states: “Throughout this period the country is likely to experience an east-west split in conditions, with the eastern parts experiencing the driest weather with the most sun and western parts experiencing more rain. or showers sometimes.

“Overnight haze or patches of fog are expected to become more common over the period, with these conditions most likely in the south and east.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average for the most part.”

WXCharts shows that September 14 appears to be the hottest yet, but it also shows a slight indication of September 16 reaching around 21°C.

This will likely be updated with more certainty closer to the time.

Brian Gaze of Weather Outlook also wrote in a blog post about how the high pressure that dominated all summer will fade into the background next week.

Mr Gaze said: A change of weather is on the way, but in the short term it remains dry, sunny and quite warm across most of the UK.

“However, areas of low pressure will approach and by the weekend the chances of showers or longer rainy spells increase significantly.

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The forecaster warned of travel delays and the risk of power cuts to communities.

Next week there will be more heavy rain which will cover much of the UK at intervals from Monday to Friday but will dissipate completely by Sunday 11th September.

From September 11 to 16, showers will spread and temperatures will return to warmer.

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