Huron Plainsman | County examines redistribution maps

HURON – Beadle County Commissioners have considered potential districts presented by County Auditor Jill Hanson after the 2020 census, adjusted population counts in the county. Districts do not need to be finalized in the county until February 2021, but commissioners discussed the idea of ​​dividing townships or outlying communities within the county rather than dividing parts of the city of Huron. for a uniform distribution of the population among the districts.

Highway Superintendent Merl Hanson opened the meeting by providing an update on work carried out by the Highway Department during the month. Recent rains have slowed progress, although most major projects were completed in the county before humidity became an issue.

Hanson said the new building is receiving insoles this week and is expected to have walls built this week or next.

Hanson’s report sparked a discussion about the vacation schedule within the county’s employee committee. Christmas and New Years falling on Saturday will mean the courthouse is closed and the holiday will be assigned to county employees the previous Friday.

Resolution 10-02-21 concerning the LeGrand Outlet dish is approved.

The commissioners approved the hiring of a new jailer and an office nurse in the county nurse’s office.

The commission also approved a resolution outlining Beadle County’s risk mitigation plan.

The commissioners met in executive session to close the meeting. The next county committee meeting is on November 9 at the courthouse in the committee room at 9 a.m.

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