Hurricane Risk Assessment Maps for Affordable Housing for Homeowners

For owners and property managers of affordable housing in the Tampa Bay area, you can sign up for a free hurricane risk assessment.

TAMPA, Fla – June 1 marks the start of the 2022 hurricane season. As we put together our hurricane preparedness kits, there are some things you can’t prepare for if you rent. If you’re in an affordable housing complex, it may be even more difficult to advocate for increased storm protection.

With the need for more affordable housing in the Tampa Bay area, protecting currently available units is crucial.

“It’s important at this time of year that we don’t let our guard down and provide assistance to affordable housing owners and owners to help make their properties more resilient to extreme weather conditions,” Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, said.

And how do they do that? Thanks to Keep Safe Florida.

Keep Safe Florida is a comprehensive technical support system created to help owners of affordable housing in the Miami, Orlando and Tampa areas with the tools and resources needed to assess and respond to the threats of climate change and natural disasters. Under a new program, owners of affordable housing can request free property inspections to assess how buildings will withstand a hurricane.

“It’s important to identify where affordable housing currently exists in the Tampa Bay area, which we did with our mapping tool,” Sullivan said.

The planning council has created maps to show the affordable housing complexes most at risk in the event of severe weather. Their goal is to help homeowners upgrade their property to be storm-ready and work with new developers to fix the problem before it happens.

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council offers resources to help affordable housing owners with local initiatives to increase housing construction, including land use policy changes to support missing middle, collaboration to county-wide, locally-derived housing trust funds and create best practices for integrating resilience and housing planning, financing and financial strategies.

If you are a homeowner interested in learning more about a free hurricane risk assessment, click here.

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