IBEDC launches MAPS to accelerate the acquisition of meters

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has relaunched the Meter Assets Providers Scheme (MAPS), which allows customers to prepay for energy through the prepaid meter option.

IBEDC Chief Operating Officer (COO) John Ayodele, speaking at the relaunch in Ibadan, said he was following the directive given by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), to give customers the choice of purchasing meters.

Ayodele, was represented by the head of corporate strategy and performance, Peter Oni, revealed that the program would serve as a better arbiter between electricity consumers and distribution companies without the hassle of estimated billing. .

According to him, “We want our customers to be aware that this is not a third party business; it’s between IBEDC and the customer and we want them to cooperate with us and do their business with us. We want counting to be the arbiter between us and our customers; they will be able to know the amount of energy they have consumed and we will be able to know the amount of energy and expected income using these meters and in doing so there will be nothing like they overcharged me .

He added that customers who subscribe to MAPS would get a refund for the cost of the meter with the same amount of energy credit every time they sell over a 36-month period.

“We have completed phase zero of the NMMP and are moving on to the next phase and based on the field experience, we found that it was not enough for us to measure the number of expected customers that we wanted to measure for this. period. We did the MAPS measurement system and it worked really well. Some customers are ready and they are ready to have their properties measured so that they can determine the quantum of energy consumed, and then it will be seamless.

“So this time around, customers have the option of either waiting until the NNMP comes to them, which is free, or purchasing the relaunch of our MAPS measurement process that they have already experienced and it was a huge success. Let them come in and pay and we give that money back to them through the energy they consume. As soon as they sell, we give them the cost of the energy over a period of time, ”he said.

Senior Communications Officer Frank Williams, in his presentation, said the essence of the program was to achieve the goal of all Nigerians and electricity customers and empower them to determine how they pay and use electricity. ‘energy, stating that the Meters can be purchased for single-phase at a price of 63,061.32 N and three-phase at 117,910.69 N, including value added tax (VAT).

The head of the project management office, Olabisi Daramola, for his part explained that the program does not allow violations by third parties while encouraging clients to go to any nearest IBEDC office to find out. register for the program or visit msm.ibedc.com after which a unique identifier will be generated for a technical assessment of the customer’s premises.

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