Jamestown Redistribution Commission Reduces Considered Cards to Two

Jamestown Redistribution Commission

The Jamestown Redistribution Commission reduced possible new district maps to two versions that have 6 districts each.

Jamestown City Council President and member of the redistribution Tony Dolce said the map that changes districts the least with respect to the new 2020 census numbers and the map that divides districts along geographic boundaries are both still under discussion.

He said some Commission members want to see the political distribution of registered voters in ridings that have lines that change, “Just to make sure we keep them as fair as possible.” So we want to run the numbers through the Board of Elections to see what the current political splits are – Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative. And would the changes we are proposing in either plan make a huge difference in either plan one way or another. Just to see how everything goes. Because what we want to avoid is any possibility of someone saying, well, we gerrymander one neighborhood or the other.

Dolce said the minimal change card only moves a few hundred people across the city. He added that he anticipated it would only take a few more meetings to wrap up the job.

The next meeting of the redistribution commission is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19. The commission has until September to submit a plan to city council for a vote.

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