Loans from the Internet – Serious and Cheap

Take out a loan online? Many consumers do not like online loans, these are normal installment loans with particularly favorable conditions. The Internet is also not a legal space, contracts concluded there are generally valid.

The providers of online loans are mostly large and reputable direct banks, and even traditional branch banks are now involved in the online lending business. There’s really no reason to distrust online loans anymore.

From online loan comparison to cheap loans

From online loan comparison to cheap loans

The online loan comparison usually forms the starting point for the application, the free comparison calculator provides a link to the application forms of the individual banks. There you have to enter some personal data, such as name, date of birth and address, and provide information about the employer and the monthly income and expenses. The completed application is sent at the click of a mouse and is usually checked immediately and automatically.

After a few seconds, the bank announces its preliminary loan decision. Only if the result is positive can the prospective customer print out the application and send it in writing to the bank with all proof of income and assets. The final credit decision is only made when all documents have been submitted to the bank in writing. Of course, Credit Bureau information will also be obtained as part of the examination.

The online credit to be credited to the customer’s checking account

It usually takes around three to five days for the online credit to be credited to the customer’s checking account. The same consumer protection rights apply for taking out an online loan as for credit transactions in the local branch bank. Customers can revoke the credit contract within 14 days after the contract is concluded; a written notification to the lender is sufficient.

It is not necessary to change the bank

No one has to change their bank for an online loan. The direct banks do not make a change of provider a condition for the granting of credit, the customers are allowed to stay with their traditional house bank with all their banking business. The online loan is simply cashed out and credited to the borrower’s checking account.

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