New seasonal call-to-arms cards coming to Red Dead Online this week

As the Red Dead Online holiday event continues, four new Call to Arms Seasonal Cards are being added this week. The new maps will see players defend snow-covered settlements from criminals, including Colter, Rhodes, Emerald Ranch, and Hanging Dog Ranch.

While the Call to Arms skirmishes will pit players against the usual outlaws, the seasonal versions of these maps will add a bit of extra spice to the holidays. Animals like wolves, cougars, bears and dogs will join the fray as the weather rages on, while a festive “decorated locomotive” pulls up for brawls at Rhodes and Emerald Ranch, dropping off a Christmas present from more gunmen to fight against.

Additional bonuses will be available in this event with the addition of decorated targets and an influx of Red Cardinals. Shooting all of this in the area will give players an unspecified buff for the hard play mode, Rockstar says.

Anyone who plays Call to Arms during the holidays will be rewarded with double RDO $ and XP, while players who hit the final wave on any of the holiday maps will also receive a 50% off n any weapon.

The Holiday Call to Arms challenges are only available during the holidays until January 5 and will be available to players via Telegrams which can be picked up at a Post Office or Camp PO Box.

The rest of the discounts and event bonuses that were introduced last week are still in play during the holiday season, including bonuses for Traders, Moonshiners, and Bounty Hunters. Find out all about what’s happening at Christmas in Red Dead Redemption here.

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