Ohio Supreme Court Seems Likely to Wipe Out State’s Gerrymandered Cards: Today in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – At the Ohio Supreme Court hearing in a lawsuit to dismiss new state House and Senate cards as illegal gerrymanders, the Chief Justice Republican Maureen O’Connor asked several skeptical questions about the cards and the process behind them.

O’Connor is widely viewed as a potential swing vote. We’re talking about how the case might play out today in Ohio.

Listen online here.

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Here are the questions we answer today:

Did the Ohio Supreme Court justices give us any clues in their questions Wednesday about their thoughts on the gerrymandered Congress and Legislature maps created by Governor Mike DeWine and other elected leaders ?

Does Ohio Governor Mike DeWine seriously take credit for spending money on the US bailout after criticizing Joe Biden and the Democrats for creating the stimulus package?

Did the Legislative Assembly pass a bill on sports games of chance on Wednesday?

We have a lot of COVID news to tell. Let’s start with the biggest shock. Ohio is unlucky enough to be in a small cluster of states with a serious coronavirus problem. What are the details?

One of the reasons Ohio has a problem is that a lot of the people who live here won’t get vaccinated. What does some new data from the Ohio Department of Health show us about the counties in Ohio with the lowest vaccination rates?

The result of this increase is a new wave of stress for hospitals. We’ve talked before about how hospitals in Cleveland stopped elective surgeries and restricted visits. Now they are bringing back other practices from the start of the pandemic. What are they?

No one is blaming deer hunting for Ohio’s COVID outbreak, even though the coronavirus is plaguing the white-tailed deer population. How many more deer did hunters kill in the recently closed deer hunting week, compared to last year.

Do we have more information on why Cleveland City Council member Kerry McCormack dropped her bid for council chair and then nominated Blaine Griffin?

Why did car sales drop so much in November?

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