Petal Maps turns navigation into an immersive and realistic experience

While navigating, lane guidance and magnified intersection map displays help facilitate safe driving. Road conditions are accurately displayed due to the myriad of input data and detailed rendering. Now, Petal Maps comes with new features like dark mode lighting effects, 3D landmarks, etc. through sophisticated technology like fine-grain rendering. Petal Maps makes more realistic and interesting maps available to users, improving the navigation experience.

Petal Maps guides you with vivid lighting effects

Trying to find your way around can be tricky. The streets you cross are likely very different from what you see on your phone screen, and the differences in lighting can throw you off. And in night mode, streetlights become part of the real world. To optimize the real situation, Petal Maps adds evening lights to simulate the effects of roads at night, including street lighting and building lighting effects, and provides a level of accuracy and detail to the map higher.

This feature will be useful to users as they benefit from a more holistic level of detail. For example, when the buildings of a city light up, this means to the user that it is night in the place sought. With this, users will be able to better match directions on Petal Maps to their surroundings, even with changing lighting.

See your surroundings in stunning detail with 3D landmarks

Petal Maps has built around 26,000 white building models and 3D effects for 100 iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, London Eye, and Kuala Lumpur Tower, among others. With Petal Maps 3D Landmarks, users can see famous landmarks in the area in greater detail and can even travel the world in spirit, without even having to set foot outside. 3D landmarks replicate the real world conditions of these famous landmarks in all their complexity, providing users with more subtlety and nuance as they find their way.

In addition to 3D landmarks, petal maps also provide a more realistic 3D map with elements such as weather, trees, time, etc. The 3D effects bring new insights to users, who can identify where they are or where they want to go by matching the finer details seen on their Petal Maps screen to what is in front of their eyes in real life.

Petal Maps temperature and precipitation layers and color classification system bring your world to life

Additionally, the latest Petal Maps update makes the navigation experience more interesting with its new temperature and precipitation layers and natural landscape colors for maps.

People often think of Orientation or trying to read a map as boring or cumbersome. But Petal Maps works hard to restore the real world and improves the authenticity and accuracy of maps and navigation to provide an engaging experience.

Petal Maps integrates a wide range of map layers, such as terrain and weather to replicate real-world conditions so users can visualize weather and temperature conditions. This allows users to prepare, users can directly view the weather conditions with the destination and along the route from the layer without having to open multiple weather forecasts – for example, to take out their umbrellas if they point to an area with heavy rain. Plus, the added subtleties bring the map to life.

Users can switch to different weather map layers, such as temperature and precipitation, through the switch layer control, located in the upper right corner of the Petal Maps homepage. From there, you can click Select Layer, then choose Weather Layer and select Temperature/Precipitation Layer to make the change.

Petal Maps also applies a color classification system that is true to real-world environments, making geographic features such as bodies of water, green spaces, and mountains fully consistent with how users perceive their world. This makes browsing much more appealing as you can admire picturesque views of beautiful natural bodies and more from your screen.

Petal Maps Custom Features Spice Up Your Navigation Experience

The latest update also includes custom skins for each of the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter, spicing up your browsing experience with variety. To upgrade to a custom skin, simply go to My page and go to Settings from there and change your display settings.

If you want to learn more about your travel habits, the Petal Maps User Travel Report has you covered. Petal Maps will generate a report based on your user behavior and send it to you periodically via push notifications, so you can get a better idea of ​​your travel habits.

Moreover, Petal Maps offers users the Cruise mode. When the speed of the Petal Maps homepage is over 15km/h and lasts over 10s, the cruise mode will be triggered. After activating cruise mode, you will be prompted with a voice message, such as cameras, speed limits and road conditions on the road ahead. This makes navigation easier.

With its sophisticated and intuitive at-a-glance displays, the freshly updated Petal Maps will guide you to the path you need to take in a fun and immersive way.

Petal Maps continues to evolve to better provide users with a more immersive experience. With immersive rich layers, 3D landmarks and night lighting, users enjoy a more realistic map viewing experience connecting them to the world around them.

(Features of Petal Maps may vary by country/region and are subject to actual conditions)

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