The decision on congressional and legislative maps begins the countdown for North Carolina lawmakers. | Local News

As understandable as it may be, a news story of particular importance was obscured by an unrelenting cloud of toxic smoke last week.

With good and valid reason, of course.

It’s not every day (or every decade) that a fire rages through an aging fertilizer plant with a recent problem with an electrical problem, as noted by the Winston- Salem, force a 1 mile evacuation perimeter in the worst case scenario.

Now that the immediate danger has passed – and we’re all waiting to find out why the Winston Weaver factory burned down with some 500 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate on hand – it’s time to turn our attention to other things.

Near the top of this list, though far from sexy and far from over, is the legal battle over congressional redistricting maps and North Carolina legislation.

Once approved, these little computer-generated leaflets will have a big influence on such important issues as women’s reproductive rights, the right to vote and, most importantly, the size of your bank account.

Check the Fine Print

Even without the potential for “one of the worst blowouts in US history,” as Chief Trey Mayo put it, following evolving court battles over the maps politicians will seek Obtaining high office – and the resulting access to quick and easy campaign funds that comes with it – has for many all the appeal of watching the paint dry in the dentist’s office.

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