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DENVER (CBS4) – As Denver is redrawing, many residents could be affected by the changed maps. Some say they are worried about the potential outcome.

“Demographics are changing rapidly,” said Alfonso Espino, a community organizer with the Globeville Elyria Swansea Coalition. “Developments are coming faster and thicker than ever, but the political power remains the same.

Earlier this week, the Denver City Council voted to move forward with two potential redistricting maps for the city. The council-sponsored maps are Map D and Map E. The maps, which are based on recent U.S. Census data, are redrawn every 10 years and they help shape the political landscape of the city, giving each no one a say in the election of his local. representatives.

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Some say it’s not so much about maps as having good representation.

“We are losing people of color from the city every day. The city is fast becoming one of the most gentrified cities in the country,” said Brendan Greene, executive director of the East Colfax Community Collective. “And we don’t think there’s any urgency, either politically or in this map-drawing process, to really draw districts that are going to elevate rather than diminish the voices that are being cast out of Denver on a daily basis.”

Councilor Jamie Torres, who co-sponsored Map E with Councilor Amanda Sandoval, said the council is addressing all criticism and feedback they have received so far, and will continue to do so.

“I can tell you already that there will be changes to these maps, and some direct drop maps,” Torres said.

Greene said those two maps don’t meet the needs of all communities in Denver, especially those at risk of displacement.

“What we’re seeing is that too many neighborhoods at risk of displacement are being forced to be divided, forced into situations where we’re told we have to compromise, when the reality for our neighborhoods is that time compromises are over,” Greene said.

Greene said Map D, which is co-sponsored by six other council members, had six votes before the community process even began, and even after a month of feedback, no significant changes have yet been made to the map. . He thinks the city should not be in charge of redistricting, but rather an independent commission.

Denver residents have until March 29 to submit their comments.

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