Thinxtra makes new hires and develops partnership strategy

Nicolas Lambrou (Thinxtra)

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Internet of Things (IoT) networking specialist Thinxtra has made new hires in the market, with Roger Smith joining as new director of sales and Jason Ward as partner business director.

Ward will be responsible for identifying, recruiting, onboarding, enabling and working with channel partners. Prior to joining Thinxtra, he worked at TeamViewer, as well as Ingram Micro, Dicker Data and Avnet.

Smith, meanwhile, joins Sensitech where he was a strategic account manager for nearly three years. Previously, he worked in the logistics sector for Toll.

The new appointments come at a time when Thinxtra is developing its market and product strategy and focusing on recruiting more partners into its ecosystem.

Thinxtra CEO Nicholas Lambrou said he had three main goals: grow the Thinxtra team and move from its technology evangelist approach to embracing greater sales and marketing expertise; simplify massive IoT; and recruit partners.

“We are a partner organization first,” he said. “There’s been a lot of hype around IoT and talk about its potential, but the complexity is huge and we need to help customers understand how it’s going to deliver value.

“In reality, many of the solutions we bring to market are either about how we optimize operational efficiency or how we can improve user experience and environmental impact.”

An example highlighted by Lambrou was a solution that monitors indoor air quality through sensors, connectivity and a platform that measures air quality based on carbon dioxide levels, temperature and particles or moisture.

On the partner front, Lambrou said the specialist is looking to recruit traditional IT partners and what he describes as “innovative disruptors”.

“These are organizations looking to implement a layer of IoT to disrupt a traditional business model,” he explained.

“We offer a suite of professional services and help them take that ‘dream to reality’ and deliver that connectivity through the network we’ve built.”

Lambrou said Thinxtra is looking to enable “traditional partners” to understand what the IoT can offer and is looking to potentially tap into education IT players who want to expand beyond managed services and possibly do use a distribution partner.

“Whether it’s indoor air quality or asset tracking, we’re creating opportunities for a distributor to access markets they haven’t traditionally had, for example, facilities management “, added Lambrou.

“One of the biggest issues right now is supply chain logistics, to be able to track those assets for the purpose of using them and in particular minimizing waste and environmental impact. .

“We have the ability for distributors to develop a subscription-based type of revenue stream, because the beauty of what we do is track the life of the asset, which means revenue based on the annuity or subscription lasts a very long time. .

“Expanding our product solution roadmap is a key objective for us and probably within the next six months we hope to find a distributor.”

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