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Even more miserable weather is on its way to Britain this weekend and next week as the weather-driven start to spring on March 1 fails to bring the seasonal weather with it. Temperatures are expected to drop and snowfall is likely in several areas as early as next week, with frosts and widespread rain also forecast.

Brian Gaze, director and forecaster of The Weather Outlook, said: “Towards the end of this week, colder air from the east is expected to start moving across the UK as high pressure builds towards the North-east.

“At the moment, there is uncertainty about the duration of the suspension and the drop in temperatures.

“The coldest conditions could well be in the south and east of the UK and that’s where winter showers would be most likely.

“However, as milder air attempts to return from the southwest next week, there is a risk of longer periods of snowfall for some time near the boundary between the cold continental and Atlantic air masses. softer.”

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“There is a chance of snow on the high ground in northern England and Scotland, but there is still quite a bit of uncertainty as it depends on which direction the high pressure is moving.”

Those in Scotland, England and Wales should prepare from Friday March 11.

According to WXCHARTS maps, a barrage of snow is likely to hit the UK in a direct line from northern Scotland southwards.

The heaviest snow is expected to fall in Scotland, with up to 20cm expected in some areas, particularly the Highlands.

Although there is still more than a week to go and it is not guaranteed, the plummeting temperatures are almost certain to continue – and are likely to get even colder, increasing the likelihood of snow.

From lunchtime on Friday, temperatures are expected to drop to zero in Lothian, Northumberland, North Yorkshire and mid Wales.

Freezing conditions will continue through the weekend, with temperatures in London expected to drop to 2C on Saturday.

The Met Office report for March 7-16 read: ‘As we progress through the period there will be an increased likelihood of spells of rain, potentially preceded by snow, arriving from the west .

“Winds will likely strengthen mid-week with an increasing likelihood of coastal gales.”

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