Updated Rain Maps (x7) for New Zealand and Australia as Spring Rainmakers move | Weather report

Wet weather will not be lacking in New Zealand and Australia over the next 7 days. From the Australian desert to the normally dry parts of the upper South Island of New Zealand, heavy rains will move in waves over the coming week thanks to a number of fronts and depressions.

This is the peak of spring chaos – although there is some order, most of the time moving from west to east. Saying that next week in New Zealand there could be a new deepening trough off the east of the country, pulling a humid south for the eastern regions of the two main islands, all the way to Gisborne.

In the maps below, we break down the rain waves over the next few days in New Zealand and Australia. Parts of Aussie – including Alice Springs which are normally very dry – have more heavy rain and thunderstorms. Alice Springs has experienced a number of wet weather events this year (not business as usual), some of which travel to New Zealand.

As always, dig a lot deeper using www.RuralWeather.co.nz or our free app (also, Australians, although our app is based in New Zealand, it also includes your local forecasts all over Australia!).

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