Weather in Kent: New weather maps show 23 ° C heat wave hitting Kent on June 1


Several forecasters predict that a period of warm weather will arrive sooner than expected.

Accuweather had predicted highs of 22C in Kent over several days from June 7.

But new weather maps produced by various forecasters now show temperatures as high as 23 ° C on June 1.

Brian Gaze, a Weather Outlook forecaster, said temperatures are expected to soar through his mid-20s.

It follows weeks of rain showers throughout May.

But Mr Gaze shared maps showing temperatures reaching scorching highs of 25C in London on Tuesday, June 1, as nuances of warm air appeared to sweep across Britain heading south.

In Kent, maps show things are slightly cooler around 23 ° C.

A weather map for Tuesday, June 1

Mr Gaze wrote on Twitter: “It’s a long way off, but the GFS12z is finally turning up the thermostat!”

He added in his summer forecast that temperatures may soon be “warmer than average”.

He said: “At this point a warmer than average summer is still favored, but due to the cool conditions that have prevailed in recent weeks, confidence in this result is lower than it was despite the seasonal pattern updates.

Long-term forecast shows warm air moving towards UK

“The uncertainty regarding precipitation levels is high, although the latest updates to seasonal models have increased the likelihood that it will be drier than average.”

The BBC’s long-term forecast between Monday May 31 and Sunday June 13 also indicated that high pressure in Europe could help send warm air briefly to the UK.

The Met Office Monthly Forecasts “warmer days” expected between Wednesday June 2 and Wednesday June 16.

The forecast said: “Confidence is low for this period, which is typical in the spring and early summer.

“Current expectations are that conditions will be mostly dry, especially in the south and east.

“Less established interludes are however still possible, especially in the north-west.

“There are indications that temperatures are likely to start to recover, getting closer to typical temperatures for this time of year.

“Steady conditions are likely to keep nights cool, but produce warmer days.”

Net Weather also forecast “very hot summer days” in early June, although they said they could be interrupted again by episodes of rain.


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